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Our champions


CaDeN champions are community leaders working to empower older adults with tools and information for safely managing their medications. These “movers and shakers” are members and directors of organizations that serve, advocate for and represent seniors in Canada. Their outreach efforts are sparking questions like, “Do I still need this medication?”. CaDeN is immensely grateful for the amazing work they do!



Interactive and informative online sessions that aim to help champions share valuable information on the safe use of medications with their communities.

Is your mom on drugs? If we knew then what we know now. Patient advocate Johanna Trimble shares how she and family members worked together to identify and stop a potentially fatal drug interaction. Health policy researcher Alan Cassels joins in to tease out lessons learned.

Too many meds! How deprescribing gave me my mom back. Susan Conklin shares her mom's deprescribing story. Susan and Camille Gagnon, a clinical pharmacist, talk about ways caregivers can help manage family members’ medications.

Promoting Medication Safety: Inspiring Initiatives from Nova Scotia. Learn about sleeping pill risks, safer alternatives, and resources you can use to raise awareness in your community with Bill Berryman, Dr. Andrea Murphy and Dr. David Gardner.

Managing Medications Safely. Janet Currie, a social worker with over 17 years’ involvement with patient and medication safety issues, offers essential tips for safely managing your own medications or those of someone you care for.

Too many meds? Why all the fuss? CaDeN launches the Community Champions webinar series with pharmacist and researcher Dr. Justin Turner, who talks about the potential risks of taking too many medications and the importance of asking questions and being informed.

Looking for more information?

Check out our printable deprescribing resources for the public.