Downloadable tools:

Patient handouts on medications

These brochures empower people to take charge of their medications.

Did you know that over 25% of community-dwelling people who read the brochures stopped their medications with the help of their family doctor?

Deprescribing fact sheet for healthcare providers

  • How many seniors are on inappropriate medications?
  • How much do risky medications increase health care costs?
  • Who is more at risk: women or men?

For answers to these questions and more interesting facts, download these deprescribing infographics


Medstopper is a deprescribing web-based tool developed by a team of health professionals to help doctors and their patients look at a list of medications to decide if some should be stopped or changed. 

Choosing Wisely Canada toolkits on the appropriate use of medications

Beers Criteria

The 2015 Beers List of potentially inappropriate medications for older adults is one of the most frequently cited reference tools in the field of geriatrics. Click here for the printable Beers Criteria pocket guide.


The STOPP/START Criteria helps clinicians screen older people's prescriptions and right treatment criteria. 

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